Son’s First Paper Accepted

  •  me: What area in mathematics you like least and not good at?
  • son: Geometry and Trigonometry

After reading an article on Mathematics Magazine, Evin occasionally wrote something…

  •  me: What are you writing?
  • son: An article
  •  me: What’s it about?
  • son: The Geometry and Trigonometry properties of Triphos
  •  me: Triphos?
  • son: {some explanation…}
  •  me: I remember you said Geometry and Trigonometry are your least favorite and not good at
  • son: Yes, I know…

Evin submitted the paper on 07/18, 2020, then couple long back and forths, especially 1-round took about half year due to the pandemic (we were told so), eventually the paper officially accepted on 08/24, 2021. It would take about another 3 months to show up for online version.

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