Son and Chinese Writing Practice

下午和儿子散步回来, 他看到火盆,突发奇想,掏出几块木炭,研起粉末来。 我问,“你要做黑火药吗?” (我倒是不怀疑他能做出来)答,“不是的,等一会你就知道了” 一会儿之后,参水办成糊状,拿个小木棍蘸着糊糊,居然主动地在地上练习写中文了,可把我感动坏了!

Ordinal Numbers

My 6-grade son doesn’t like writing, but saw he was busying on writing something. So I asked him,  me: What are you writing? son: An article about ordinal numbers.  me: ???… Anything new from you? son: Not really, but the existing articles online I found are hard to understand, so I’m writing a longer version …

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