Ordinal Numbers

My 6-grade son doesn’t like writing, but saw he was busying on writing something. So I asked him,

  •  me: What are you writing?
  • son: An article about ordinal numbers.
  •  me: ???… Anything new from you?
  • son: Not really, but the existing articles online I found are hard to understand, so I’m writing a longer version with examples to help more people to understand it.
  •  me: Even me?
  • son: Maybe. I’m sending the link to you so you can try. And, any comments are welcome.
  • Link: Ordinal Numbers
    (several minutes later…)

  •  me: Read your articles couple times, I can only understood the 1st paragraph and the last section.
    (Note: The 1st paragraph is introduction, the last section is ‘references’)
  • son: Great! At least you can understand some, I’m very proud of you!

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